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I am somewhat of a nomad, I live in a rural area of Nottinghamshire currently,  but have lived all over, from Manchester, to Sheffield, to Canada. 


I started in 2010 and am now a regular at organised graffiti events nationwide, i enjoy meeting new people and painting with good friends. The Dundee jam is always a highlight of the year, as its always full of great people and well organised! 


I used to take inspiration only from graffiti art and culture. I recently made the transition from a career in law to becoming an artist, and now take Inspiration from everything, from Jordan colour-ways, to autumn leaves and evening sky’s, I have started to broaden my horizons artistically but firmly believe that letters are still the essence and foundation of graffiti! I have a strong base in freehand letterforms with influence from mostly New York and Germany, but appreciate pretty much all forms of graffiti, from LA to São Paulo!

View more of HAES work here

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