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Mecha joze I started off graff in the back end of 2007 after seeing dundee thrive with graff from the mdma crew destroying the city to the vk squad rocking up massive alternative styles. It was a crazy time to be new to graff, As graffiti in itself was changing from the illusive subculture to something that would set the benchmark for most other artforms transitioning into the modern digital era.


Over my wee journey through graffiti I've become heavily influenced by the more 3d technical drawing side of things. Trying to find a balance between traditional letterforms and 3d mechanical wildstyles. Such influences have came from artists such as Mr totem, Daim, and geser. Graffiti for me is what an anvil is for a blacksmith. It's a way to focus myself and hone my skills and I hope I never reach perfection.

View more of JOZERs work here

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