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Started graff in 2002 thanks to ELEET who thought I'd be into it but that wasn't my 1st venture into style writing.


Back in 95, 11 years old I remember drawing a wee street scene with tags all over it, not actually realising what I was doing. It was like I wanted to create a space that I would like to hang out in. Old buildings and derelict factories were my favourite places to hang about in.


As I got a little older, 13, 14, I started skating and we went to a few places that were usually painted all over and as much as I appreciated it all I never thought about doing it. Dunno why. I must have been inspired by it all so I drew out a wee graff style thing to represent our wee group of skating pals..


Skating took a sideline to a few years of partying and everything that went with it. Some amazing times. I wasn't on a good path, no job, no income and my head was minced, anxiety and stuff come calling and I battled it all alone and then graff entered my life.  It gave me something to focus on, it saved my life, it was everything I needed. We done our thing for years in a city that didn't really have much in the way of graff. Writers had kinda been and gone with only a few really pushing style.


Obviously there's a rich history here with crews from the 80s n stuff and I made sure I got clued up on the history but around 02 there wasn't much going on, Internet wasnt very accessible either so we done what we thought graff was. Thank god I don't have pics of those early days to show anyone. They'd be kept secret haha.


Graff and the people around me were positive. Pushing each other to do better in all aspects but style was paramount for me.


Twenty years later here we are. Like most writers I find it challenging sometimes to keep things fun. Mixing up from sketching to freestyling everything. It's about the journey of a piece for me now, see where it takes me. I love the big planned productions with the SFMteam tho, really a chance to flex as a collective. A team effort. Big shouts to the crew. 


I love the community, the people, the places, the traveling and the jams. I have honeslty met some amazing people from all over the world. 


Graff has helped me become who I am as an adult and I'm forever grateful for the opportunities it has brought. I pursued graphic design and Web design at college and into university where I graduated in multimedia development. I have worked on some massive jobs locally and nationally where I've been lucky enough to transfer my hobby into a business venture and open doors into tattooing full time. 


What a journey. I respect it all in everyone. 


Favourtie writers for me are all my crew members, the guys I paint with regularly. These are the ones who inspire me most because we do it in some capacity every day. Push push push.. But for inspiration I love looking at the styles of CAN2, BATES, DOVES, SERVE, EKTO, SOTEN, I could go on for weeks with who's stuff I like. 


Time to shout out all the SFMteam. 

The homies from OTM worldwide, HTB, VK, XMEN 


You can view more of KRYMEs work here

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