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I am a painter and mural artist, based in Central Scotland.


My work centres around portrait painting with an emphasis on colour and spontaneous mark making. 


I moved to Dundee in 2006 and studied Graphic Design. After I finished, I decided to get back into expressive art and started drawing and painting big faces in my studio space in WASPS, Meadowmill. 


My passion for painting oversized canvases led me to branch off into mural painting and street art, which was a huge learning curve. 


The first murals I created were with brushes and liquid paint. After working on a project in Dundee, I met Kryme & Sinead who suggested I give painting with cans a go. It looked really difficult and wasn’t sure if I would be able to switch to a brand new medium. I got my first chance to try when Gaz Mac gave me an arch to paint down at SWG3, in Glasgow. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on spray painting. 


Dundee remains a special place to me and love being part of the Jam!


Find me here -

Michael Corr

Contemporary Painter

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